Ramblings on the sport of the world….

Always something to talk about on the subject of football, the sport of the world. Games, players, managers, clubs, tournaments, my Friday night pub league or the team of youngsters, including my eldest son, I coach in a local house league.
Where to start? Well whats on my mind right now, might be a good place.
My pub team, winners of the Championship Trophy last season, after a poor seventh place finish in the league, are off to a flying start this year. Winning our first three games, and beating, in my opinion 3 of the best teams in the league to do it. We have added about 6 new guys this term, and they are all contributing with lots of minutes, a regular turnout, and some quality play on the field. Signs are good, but I am unwilling to get too far ahead of myself because we started well last year, and then sucked a big one for 3 months until the play-offs.
I’m playing sweeper, for the second season, and enjoying the role. Only thing I miss is not getting forward, not getting too much time on the ball. However, its compensated for by the positive feedback I get from my compadres when I break up an opponents attack.